Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yay!! no usual meeting tomorrow morning. I hate waking up early for meetings.

Yay!! got 96 files only this afternoon and no files tomorrow afternoon.

Yay!! tomorrow is Friday but Nayy!!! Aqeel's mom is on course - not going anywhere. Anyway, RM pun dah kurang- thanx to the attempt to break open my car by tah sape2 yg takde skill itu but successfully damaging my key insertion, which resulted me having to change the lock.

Yay!! next monday is payday! and Aqeel's mom is finally around.

Amazingly...this week seems to fly so quickly. I don't feel like it's a looooong week like i thot it wud be.

P/s: owh...4pm ada meeting. Hmm...sure it wud drag until after office hour. *sigh...

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Anonymous said...

alaaaa..nak chatting..jgnla gi meeting!!