Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I hate full hearing/trial ke in this condition. Sitting for long hours non-stop (fr 9:30am to 1.00pm) is no fun ok. To make things worse pagi byk fail, ptg pun byk giler fail, (thanx to my previous interpreters who didnt think twice when fixing) now, i hv to continue at 2:30pm-4pm. The chair is not comfy..hard and not a sitting-frenly-chair. My bulging tummy feels hurt, the lil one keeps on kicking at every annoying questions/objections posed or was it me fidgeting?

Thinking outloud:
I shdnt push myself like today when there r loads of files fixed for hearing. What the hell am i thinking when i allowed things to proceed (my superior?my responsibility?out of sympathy?) . I shd hv been thinking of my health first! *ketuk pale sendiri. Tak serik2, yday i got painful braxton hicks from 5pm-7pm disebbkan terlalu active covering for remand, up and down naik dgr case- i dozed off in pain and woke up feeling better at 8pm. Sib baik ok bile bgn, kalau tak ok....dah kene pegi hospital tak pasal2. Hmm..not good isn't it? I shd been thinking of this lil one. It's not easy to get this far...and semakin far along, i shd be more cautious instead of hardworking. I wudn't want this lil one to be delivered before his/her time kan?

Repeat this mantra: i mustnt push myself!!


Anonymous said...

pn kb..file ke fail???haha

Anonymous said...

tu la pasal..dua2 aku langgar. Dah tatau nk differentiate bhs dah. kalau aku tulis in malay aku akan letak file, kalau aku tulis ayat in english tetibe jadik fail lak. Cemane? hahahaha. Layan saje!! tunggang langgang bhs melayu+inggeris. Kekonon mix abih la.