Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nudging DH yg tgh buat kerja....

Me: Cube tlg tgk kat op scar ni. Nape rase sgt sakit kat bhg ni?? [*tunjuk2] luka ke?

DH: [garu2 kepala] Jap..jap [then, belek2 my belly] Umm...the op scar xde luka, tp ade merah2 la kat line atas dgn bawah. [belek2 lagi and senyap jap....] ............I think kan.... u got urself a stretchmark.

Me: Gasp!!! No way!!! [terus pergi ke cermin & belek my belly] Scream!! [I saw 2 thin line of red stretch mark just above my op-scar] Huwaaa!!!!

DH: Laughing out loud.'s my fault that the thin line appeared. I didnt apply any oil since i got the itchy rash [i did hv an entry about the rash..*malas nk cari]-even, after the rash da ok and leaving me tiny dots of light brownish scar. Konon mcm takut la, what if i applied oil nnt rashes dtg balik? Pdn la muke, rashes takde dtg2 da tp dpt stretch mark.

Now, i applied all kind of oil religiously [thrice a day]- vitamin E, earth mama baby angel oil, bio oil sampai la ke olive oil at my belly, butt, thighs, and breast. Any possible place that i think a stretch mark cud appear.

I hope that the stretch mark is temporary. I did read somewhere that the stretch mark will disappear after delivery. Hoping desperately.

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