Thursday, January 8, 2009

About the mommy!
Name: KB
Age: 26
First child?: Yes!!!

About the daddy!
Name: ZB
Age: 29
First child?: Yes!!!

Finding out!!
What day did u find out?: 08.08.08
How did u feel when u found out?: Shocked, shivered, scared, thinking...alamak..takleh pegi JB for Ezany's reception.
Who was with u?: I was by myself in the bathroom, but ran into our room, jumped on the bed, woke DH up and showed him the two lines!!
Who was the first person u told?: DH
How did they react?: Cool
How did the daddy react?: Smiling from ear to ear

Telling the grandparents!
How did ur parents react?: Excited....first grandchild
How did his parents react?: Speechless i think but excited at the same time.....first grandchild
Are they helping with baby names?: Nope, thank goodness everyone has left us alone so far. But Mil has been hinting names to DH but not to me!
Have they bought anything for the baby yet?: Yes, that's the beauty of having a first grandchild. The mommy & daddy don't hv to buy a lot of stuff for the baby. Babygears & certain baby stuff are sponsored.
How often do they call to check on u?: I talk to my mom every day!

About the pregnancy!
When was ur first appointment?: 08.08.08
When is ur due date?: 10 or 14/4/09
How far along r u?: 26 weeks
Pre-pregnancy weight?: 39kg
Weight now?: 46kg
Have u had an ultrasound?: Yes! every month
Have u heard the heartbeat?: Yes!
What was the heartbeat?: strong & steady

Sex of the baby!
What do u want?: Well I kind of want one of each eventually, so I really don't care I just know that i hv to hv a lil girl.
What does the daddy want?: A boy....says he can only handle one of me at a time! & he needs a friend (same gender). But, he wudn't mind tho if it's a girl.
What do u think u r having?: hahahaha..tatau
Have u had ur big ultrasound yet?: That's a NO
If so, what r u having?: because we r yet to be confirmed of the gender.
Are u happy with what u r having?: I know i will.

About the birth!
Do u know what u r taking with u?: I think so..i hv my checklist ready.
Who is going to be with u?: DH & my mom of course
Are u going to videotape it?: Heck no! I am not going to have myself on camera squinting/screaming in pain!
Natural or medicated?: They have medicine for a reason....but perhaps i'll opt for natural until i can't handle it.
Do u think u will need a c-section?: Hope not! i want to fit in my kebaya & heels asap.
Will u cry when u hold ur baby for the first time?: Not sure...depends whether i'm on drugs or not.
Do u know what u will say to the baby when u first hold him/her?: Hello there!! Ok..ok...islamic sket.."Assalamualaikum!"
Are u scared about the labor?: Of course!! Ade ke yg tak takut??

Do u have a name picked out?: We haven't decided yet..
Girl names...: Shd hv K!!
Boy names...:Shd hv Z!
Is ur baby going to be named after someone?: Nope! 100% original

Other random questions!!
Where was ur baby conceived?: At home..kot?
Have you felt the baby move?:Iye..actively
What race will your baby have? From you and daddy?:arab+chinese+malay
Do you have stretch marks?:Not yet
What was your first symptom?: Super tired - slept as early as 730pm till am.
What religion will the baby know? And from what side?: Islam fr both of us ler
What music or interests do you want the baby to know?: A little bit of everything!
Will ur baby have godparents?: Yes..ade da automatically, Pit ngn Kayer la kan?
Who will the god mommy be?: shd be MOMMIES ok - All the angels
Who will the god daddy be?: Hahaha..definitely not Shukor??
What is the baby's room theme be? no specific theme
What was the first thing u bought for the baby?: A pumpkin patch romper!
Are u ready to be a mommy?: YES!!!!! :) i think i am.

Who i want to tag? :
1. Ezany


Anonymous said...

cian shukor...
selamat die tak tanye godsiblings yer..
sume dah ade...

i sooo understand the heels n kebaya statement... i was soooo eager utk pakai heels main beli jer...
i only found the right one at the
4th buying...
the rest?...stocked in the shoe cabinet...
good luck.... ;>

Anonymous said...

Tu la, aku fikir...kalau c-sec sure lambat giller nk dpt pakai kebaya and heels. Now, aku da tertekan tgk adik aku pakai kebaya aku!!! aku da 70% leh terima the idea of natural birth.

Anonymous said...

nnt ikat barut ketat2 yer...
aku malas nak barut...butt dah beso...
good luck...

Anonymous said...

bengkung la, barut bukan utk baby ke? hahahhaa. Biar butt besar & mantap tp pinggang kecik. hahaha. ttp bukan pinggang dan butt besar. horror

Anonymous said...

haha..x per pitt..ko tuh kecik je..x nmpk sgt..

tul kb tersangat la horror..biar la ader pinggang tp butt beso skit x per..pakai kebaya lg cun nanti

Anonymous said...

Nanti jadik semut kerengga pulak..aku dulu tolong mak aku pakai bengkung..memang ketat gile die pakai..

Anonymous said...

patut body mak ko slim aje. Aku rase kalau aku normal, ade possibility utk aku pakai ketat giler jugak. Hahaha.