Wednesday, July 25, 2012


On 28th June 2012, one week before final exam starts:

Zara and I was admitted to the hospital, due to dehydration. We vomited every 3 minutes, can't hold anything down. At least, Zara had some appetite she ate ice cream, chocolates, KFC and jellies but vomited everything out before being admitted, while yours truly lost her appetite.

This is the front view from my bed. Nice mickey mouse wallpaper kan? i was admitted side by side with Zara at the Paed ward. One of the nurse came in to check Zara and asked me "Akak, kenapa warded kat Paed?". Cik Nurse...saya memang mintak Paed ward ni sbb minat ngn decor bilik ni and ade wallpaper mickeymouse! LOL! i  wish i said that, but of course i didn't i am too weak to speak...i just pointed at Zara and said "itu anak akak la". Cik Nurse terkejut, "...anak ke? ingat adik." *rolling eyes...abis tu, why called me akak?*

See the decor behind Zara bed? i didn't have that behind me! not fair!

Kids, they recover a lot faster than adult. See the post. This is Day 2! I am half recovered and was discharged the next day. This girl, was discharged 3 days later. Doctor just wanted to take extra money out of us... caution because she's a toddler.

Last day, posed with baby brother before being discharged.

Both of us got a stomach bug. We were infected from DH who gotten it first (diarrhea for 2 days), followed by Khaleef (vomits & diarrhea), then followed by yours truly & Zara with lots of puking. We were the fallen angels. LOL! both DH & Khaleef recovered within 2 days.


elynn said...

Kalau tahu i p visit

KbZb said...

Elynn: ehehe...saje tak bitau sbb tanak org visit. Takut tjangkit lak;D