Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Salam Ramadhan 2012

It's Day 4 of Ramadhan:) Been busy for the last few weeks before Ramadhan - Hospitalisation, final exams, wedding receptions and visiting DH's Kampung. I'll get to that in my next posts.
During my finals, Zara been begging for a rainbow cake and cookies. So, i decided to bake a rainbow for her yesterday.

I should be making this for her, but at daytime during fasting hour...it's really tiring to bake a 6 layer..

So, i opted for this rainbow cake instead...i think i should call it a Paddlepop Cake. Just look at the batter, i love the colors. Really, we should call it a Paddlepop Cake:

Fresh from the oven:

Topped it with Chocolate Ganache:

Up close, when you sliced it, it looked like this:

Zara is happy with the outcome. I thought, baking is going to be fun when my own kids love cakes.

But, mind you not EVERY cake is preferred.

Both dislike my chocolate cake (that's a big OUCH!), hates cheese cake-fair lady cake-banana cake-red velvet cake-oreo cheesecake-fruit cake.

They only love my butter cake. *sigh*

Now, one left on the list is her chocolate chip cookie.

DH and I love murtabak daging. I think everyone does, especially during Ramadhan. It's the most sought after delicacy at bazaar ramadhan. It was such a disappointment last Sunday, when my little brother bought a murtabak which was half cooked-less meat-instead-they filled it with lost of onions, eggs and potatoes! 

So, i decided to make a homemade beef murtabak myself yesterday. Guess what? it was a success! Licin pinggan. Luckily, i frozen 4 pieces in case it turns out good. 

It's not easy to make a murtabak..the filling was super easy BUT kneading the dough for a soft outer layer is a hardwork. I salute you roti canai and murtabak maker.

*drooling* sebab teringat-ingat

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