Thursday, July 26, 2012

Durian Season

After some time, we went back to DH's kampung because it has been a durian season for the past 2 weeks. DH decided to go back before Ramadhan. We brought the kids show how durian tree looks like. LOL!

Zara helped Wan (Grandma) carried a durian:

With a smiling face...budak rajin :

Khaleef didn't want to feel left out, he helped too, and i'm not sure why Zara is dancing in front of the durians. Perhaps she 's cheering for Khaleef :

DH said "Ni lah dia, budak bandar sekali sekala balik kampung and excited tgk durian.." :

Despite Wan's warning not to sit too close, Zara still sits even closer watching interestingly as Wan opens up the durian :

Conclusion :

Zara & Khaleef had a great time at DH's kampung inspite of getting lots of big mosquito bites.

Zara, Khaleef and DH didn't eat durian. 

Me? 2012 marks the year i ate durian a LOT till headache. Dunno what came over me, i didn't ate durian for almost 5 years. But, one sure thing Durian at DH's kampung is the best-thick filling, sweet, creamy and bitter. I prefer a bitter-sweet durian over the sweet one.


Anonymous said...

bestnye makan durian yang baru gugur... fresh sangat :)

KbZb said...

Grenlina: betul! ko suke durian kan? hehe.