Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'll bake a thousand rainbows for her

Continuing where i left from my last entry..
Nope, we didn't celebrate Zara's 2nd birthday at SJMC as her dad refused to celebrate her daughter's birthday there.
So, we celebrate at home with four of us witnessed by my amused dad.

Here's the pic of my birthday girl who refused to blow the candle, she just smiled and successfully dipped her finger on the icing. Haih!

Owh..my cake is a a Pisa Tower cake, see..senget a bit. Lol.

This is how Zara's rainbow cake looks like...


Vibrant colours kan? Love the colours so much..

And, this is how she celebrate her 2 yrs. Get to eat a cake on her own. Zara simply refused to be spoon fed. She enjoyed eating the cake on her own.

The best thing is, she loves the cake! With every bite she said "dap..dap.." whilst nodding her head several times. Hahahaha.


Ezany said...

i wish you are near, boleh tempah pocoyo cake from you for Iman Yusuf :) heh!

KbZb said...

wah!! Pocoyo cake memerlukan cake expert. Aku fail tahap decoration kene g belajar. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Chantek, tgk sgt yummeh!!

julie said...

Even with the lack of decoration, it still looks yummy kb. i've said this b4 and i will say it again. Nothing beats a homebaked cake. I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks. love the colours btw!