Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Spoon

Hello March!!
I'm going to start my March entry with FOOD!

Location : Fat Spoon, Uptown Damansara (near Wondermilk)
Corum: Aina & Urs truly

See the door handle! Yes - One BIG SPOON

Children Story Book??? It reminds me of my kindergarten days...

Nope! It's the menu! Cutekan?

The crowd and the written menu's

More colourful Children Storybook menu!

The decor - Baju sape tah

Look at the decor above my head - a hanging pots & pans!!

U can see Aina's famished face behind that smile!

Finally, our food...

Nasi Kampung- White rice, Chicken curry, tamarind prawn, long beans, salted egg and pappadom. Sedap!

Pic: Courtesy of Kim (My camera fail to capture Aina's food)

Nasi Goreng Ulam - Kunyit chicken, nasi ulam, and pappadom. Sedap dr Nasi Kampung!

Our drinks - Ice Lemon Tea. Very refreshing and lemony (haha..ade ke ayat lemony?)

Eh! Aina stop reading a novel, jom balik! I'm full.

Owh! u r reading our bill;P

*the end*


elynn said...

Must try nie! patot la kol tadi enggaged. mesti duk d B1-Time of called will not mention here ;)

Anonymous said...

hehehehe... nasi aina nampak sedap...

KbZb said...

Elynn: Hahahahahhaha..xtahan.

Grenlina: Nasi Aina mmg sgt sedap. Mcm kat scrumptious. Lg sedap la tapinyer.