Sunday, March 20, 2011

She's like a Rainbow

I'm so excited and i cudn't sleep.
I made this rainbow cake for Zara. It's for her early 2nd birthday party. That is today!
It's a shame we have to celebrate it early because i have to attend a conference this weekend.
At first, i planned to order this cake from ga-teaux. But, she was'nt available to bake Zara's rainbow cake:(
So, i decided to bake one for Zara! It took me about 7 hours and luckily Khaleef is such a cooperative good boy tonite as if he knew mommy's has a big project to complete.
It has 6 layers - red, orange, yellow, green,
blue and purple.
Ya..i know rainbow has 7 colors, but i can't find any indigo colouring in store..
Zara loves buttercake and buttercream frosting instead of chocolate cake.
I hope she likes my rainbow cake.
Auntie Ya, Unc Adam, Adib and Zara's Grandma will not be around today, they have to be at Sjmc as early as 7am for Auntie Ya's minor surgery:(
I know..why not we bring the party to Sjmc instead after the surgery!
Ok..i need to sleep's 5am, or else i wudn't be able to get up at 7am.

P/S: We decided to make Zara's 2nd birthday as a family only celebration, however we will throw an invitation for Khaleef' 1st birthday in Nov 2011.


Anonymous said...

look yummy!!

Anonymous said...

kb, mcm menarik n sedap...xde pic yg ko dh slice ke..hehhe nak tgk rainbow....

KbZb said...

Lina: look yummy and gorgeous lepas dah slice tapi manis

Yanti: ade ade, nnt aku post mlm kang or esok. camera ttinggal lak.