Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jalan Malinja

I've never set foot in Gombak territory ever since i graduated.
Tp..dekat di hati especially last nite.
Ever tried the famous Char Kuey Teow Mali & Nasi Lemak+ayam goreng at Jalan Malinja?
Trust me, they're the best!
Of course the food is YUMMIEST when u eat it there while it's still piping hot from the wok over a glass of teh o ais, under the bright moon & starry nite with angin sepoi2 bhs while chatting with ur close frens (*down memory lane with Ezan, Yat, Azreen & fath & kalau ade etc sorry if i left ur this moment i can remember those faces je. My memory kind of blurry today)
Despite my current condition - fever, bad headache+body's such a mystery how i can still crave for a good warung food?
Hence, a wonderful DH went all the way after his late nite work fr Bangi to Gombak & tapau these 2 delicious food for me! Never thot that with Bun #2 he'd be willing to go miles for me especially when he's tired.
DH's effort made the Char Kuey Teow & Nasi Lemak tastes delicious than ever;> [nk lagi nnt...]

PS: Da mkn abis baru teringat x amik pics


elynn said...

Serius sedap KB kan..alamak i dh lama tak makan K teow mali n ns lmk TAR tuh...nyummy nyummy nyam nyam

KbZb said...

Suddenly, feel so sad..u r going to s.a, geng mkn sedap & gossip satu bakal bkurangan.

Ezany said...

hahaha..nanti pegi lagi nak?..we left the kids at home and bebual sampai pagi..hahaha..tak sado diri ;p

KbZb said...

Ezany: hahaha....sampai pagi? ade aku tido dlm pinggan.

elynn said...

KB sedih me lg sedih...jom follow me to SA.