Saturday, May 15, 2010

That's the reason why i've been sooooo quiet. Some of u guessed it right;> Pandai teka.
I'm expecting.
We knew about it three weeks b4 zara's 1st bday party.
The best part is my lil sister is pregnant too..we r one week apart.
Imagine the hectic it's gonna be at our parents house. I just can't wait. *ngee*

Some of u might ask, how's zara coping?
1st two weeks - zara merajuk, she didnt want to sleep with us.
We kept it a secret for the 1st two weeks not telling anyone even my parents.
Surprisingly, after telling my mom that i'm pregnant zara's no longer merajuk.
Zara loves to sleep on my tummy and patting my tummy as if she knew!
All in we r bonding greater than ever. I'm grateful that she didnt throw tantrums yet.

Some of u might ask, how is it with the 2nd pregnancy?
Here we go again - sleepless nites, ticklish feeling in the tummy, tummy cramps and...yes the unwelcome morning sickness, i hv nausea from evening till nite time.
I love eggs, spicy food, seafood, fast food, chocolates and lychee.
I'm driving to the office. Definitely more independent with this one.
I'm craving for GLEE Season 2 & Gossip Girl Season 3.

So that's it, i'm enjoying every moment of it;>

P/S: Congrats Yanti!!! We r EXCITED & HAPPY for u.
Happy belated Mother's day to all mommies and mommies to be.


elin said...

yeayyyy...congrats 2 u n 2 yaya too...n not to forget yanti....wah...another 2 babies on the way...nxt dam n yatt n maybe pitt 2..hehehe

KbZb said...

Hehe..thanx elin!

KbZb said...

Haah..cepat join semua so nnt leh ramai2 take pics with big tummy and potraitkan secara canvas!!

elin said...

wah.....aku kalau nk join pun plg cepat hujung taun korang jalan ar dulu...hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

2 little angels are coming..congrates KB!!!
dah bp bulan.?

KbZb said...

Elin: hujung taun depan? wah kalau ujung taun depan aku pregnant lagi...aku tatau nak kata ape dah. setahun satu.

Yanti: Dah 3 bulan:> Congrats kat ko jugak!! Nnt leh amik gambar sama2. Hahahaha

dam said...

congrats u allz!!!rsenye aku yg last tau...huwaaaa ;(
xpe2..nway, so happy for u gals!

Ezany said...

Kb: setahun satu?.hehehehe...KAGUM KAGUM..aku nak join tapi aku tak ready for another baby yet..Later eh..saing yatt and dam or elin..

Yanti: Take good care of ur baby!!..muahss!

KbZb said...

Ezany: Join la, the more the merrier what? hahahahaha. Yatt & Dam end of this year. U better get ready soon ezany, end of the year tak lama lagi.