Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zara's 1st birthday party

Event: Zara's 1st Birthday Party
Theme: Pink & White
Location: KJ
Date: 27th March 2010

Siapa bday girl angkat tangan??

Here are the long awaited pics on zara's bday party...

Presenting the co-star of the day..the pwetty Ms Ladybird

With Mommies & big bro Aqeel [not in the pic: yanti, darm & ezany]

Group pics with the bday cake i realized Ms Ladybird cake's position x pandang camera

Abah, can i cut the cake like this?

The cake cutter tastes yummy too..

Yatt, nape tak tgk camera??

Kamie & 2 ladybirds

Mommies & babies

2 ladybirds

Satu ladybird da kuar dr sarung sbb kene mandi

Ade yang cuba tunjuk skill kebapaan

I was so exhausted preparing for the bday party.
Only god knows how happy am i after everything was over and the party was a success!
I love the 3d ladybird cake from Secret Recipe.
Thanx for the pressies mummies, aunties & uncles! Zara loves it.

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