Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!!

I used to celebrate the new year's eve with my girls and later on with my bf-now-husband.

It was fun celebrating it with my girls back then..watching the colourful firecrackers, singing merrily at the top of our lungs, late nite drink at mamak chit chatting, hanging out at what-is-the-name-of-that petrol station at dawn waiting for morning to come so we can enter the main gate to our hostel and get our much needed sleep.

Since i got married, i chose to celebrate the coming of a new year at home with my loved ones. Perhaps, i just got tired of the crowd or perhaps...i'm too old for those?? just like what the sales girl at jakel in her mid 30's told me..she's too old to hang out celebrating and pointed out i'm still young and should stay for the firecrackers. I told her, nope..i hate the crowd and chuckled away.

Right now.. here i am, sitting quietly in the dark clicking on this very laptop at the beginning of a new year while listening to the booming sound of firecrackers from all over-mutiara damansara, sunway & tah mane2 lagi. My lil Zara & DH? they are sleeping peacefully..totally oblivious to the loud noises from every direction. *amused.
Aww..I love them both.

Happy New Year everyone!!!
To more love, attending weddings, popping out babies, lots of luck, health, wealthiness, joyous moments and success in 2010:>>>


Ezany said...

Happy new year!..-from me who have to work on new years ..pfftt

elin said...

happy new year babe..xoxo

Anonymous said...

happy new year... haha terkenang dizaman muda mudi, ye r aku pn dh mls nk g tempat2 crowd...adakah kite semakin tua?...hahhaha...dh puas dh dolu2...hahahah

KbZb said...

Ezan: rajinnyer ko keje on new year.
Elin: happy new year juge.
Yanti: hahaha..kan? huhu..sudah tua..