Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Pregnancy: Week 35
Now that D-day (that's delivery day) is sneaking up on you, you may start to get nervous about what a literal pain in the you-know-what it'll be. But instead of focusing on the "ouch!" of it all, focus on the "oooh!" of it: meeting your baby for the very first time.

What You're Thinking:
"Should I bring my cute bathrobe to the hospital with the matching furry slippers or is that just crazy talk?"

Hahahaha..serious betul, i've been thinking of bringing a cute pink bathrobe and a matching furry slippers. Mmg a crazy talk, bc when i thought about it out loud infront of la senza shop, my sister said "Ko ingat ko nk buat fashion show ke kat hospital?". Ngehehe..ok..ok..tak jadik.

U see the baby gaga calendar up there? i always wonder bile la nk sampai kat baby yg last sekali tu. Lambatnyer nk sampai. Today...finally da sampai kat baby yg last. Scary thoughts: EDD is around the corner. *shivers..


Anonymous said... all yeah wit the pink bathrobe n matching FURRY slippers...
it'll give a v good calming aura....
cant wait to meet kbjr (unless the 0.01% wins)

Anonymous said...

Pit: 0.01% tu kalau wins mmg terkejut habis la kan. hahaha.