Friday, March 6, 2009

I really love shopping during pregnancy


I bought these 3 sets only today:

But..i got these gifts!! including an extra gift: a white watch (i think i must've looked really cute & adorable during pregnancy;P).

And...i got this cute bunny (with ears) pink pillow as a gift too from Pn to Kb Jr!! CUTE & SGT SGT SOFT!

I just realized this evening that, i've lots of vouchers & free gifts [pics of other free gifts tu rasenyer tak perlu lah nk amik & tempek sini kan?] during pregnancy as compared to not being pregnant phase (sampai bole kasik vouchers to Aqeel's mommy). I think Kb Jr is one lucky baby, she brings luck into our lives:>>>

P/S: I'm one happy shopper today sbb dpt beli brg utk diri sendiri.

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