Tuesday, March 3, 2009

  • I've done packing my belongings for Hospital! DH forced me to pack everything ready.
  • On Saturday since my gynae is not around, we went for a check up with Dr Delaila, SJMC (she's good & i like listening to her explanations which is very the very detail. Our lil one di measured from head to toe-yep, that kind of detail). So, if any of u is planning to go to SJMC, go see Dr Delaila. She has her own clinic too in Subang SS19-we went to her clinic.
  • She confirmed that it's 99.99% a Kb jr. Yaaay..i'm soooo happy to include in the cute pinkie blanket in my hospital bag!! Suke sgt :)
  • Again, DH insisted on organizing all baby belongings. So, we've folded all baby gear and baby care into a separate plastic container.
    Hmmm...DH nesting instinct is stronger than me ke? as i don't really feel like organizing baby stuff yet. Well...now that everything is in place i hv less work to do and more time to relax & enjoy the few weeks left. Stuff my face silly with every fattening food that i want, cuz i'm about to be deprived off it for 2 months or maybe a year on certain food. Well..u hv a good excuse to be fat healthy chubby in order to conceive and during pregnancy kan? (Biarla sampai org tak kenal sbb too chubby ke ape ke kan? *lol). But i'm not going to forgive myself if i cant fit into my red tab super low hip levi's (I missed u bunches suar jeans!!) & not able to walk my fave high heels after delivering Kb jr.
  • Now..the cepumas question has come from our family: Dah ade nama ke? Hmm..well, we r finalizing on the names. We want our lil one to hv a B like ours KBZB, but later decided against it biarla nama kitorg jek got B's but our lil ones ZK. Any suggestions? ;>


Twiggy said...


ok ok... we're going with the initials ZK, correct?

tricky one, i could only come up with one, with good meaning, hehehe...

Zareena Kehara - Golden precious :D

will see if i can come up with more suggestions using KZ instead :D

Anonymous said...

Twiggy: Wow!! Cool..Zareena Kehara:) golden precious. How did u come up with Kehara? Will wait for ur suggestion on KZ:)

Twiggy said...

Kehara is arabic :D I sis my research, A LOT!! (mati kalau boss i tau nih) hahahahahah!!!

Twiggy said...

sorry, typo *did

Twiggy said...

OK ok!!! I have a name for KZ! :D
I tried a number of combinations but didn't manage to get good meaning. Finally found a beutiful one!

(sumpah banyak kerja tapi konon-konon free sebab husband takde dah brape hari maka pemberontakan dalam diam)

Khalida Zayn - everlasting beauty


Hope my suggestions make it to your shortlist!

KbZb said...


:Hahahaha..Understood. kalau husband takde beberapa hari / balik lmbt beberapa hari maka, wajib la rebel dlm diam masa keje. No moodkan?

:U did A LOT of research? Wah..ok ok, ur suggestion sure akan di short listed:> bc i dont hv a long list for ZK/KZ hehehehe [susah sgt nak cari beautiful names with a beautiful meaning]. But u managed to find 2 names oredi.

:Khalida Zayn (Zayn tu separuh nama my husband:> sure he likes it). Both name akan diproposed to my husband:> ngehehe. TQ2 very much:>