Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Nite Fever

It's Saturday!
I'm still up, completing research papers accompanied by Zara who insists on staying up with me. 
I know mommies, she should be in bed sleeping right now.
In my defense-i have tucked her in bed twice, kissed her and went downstairs to do my work. 
Just when i began to type my first word...i heard her giggling from the stairs. 
So, i let her joined, and she's perfecting her coloring skill while accompanying me. 
And me? i'm blogging instead of completing my work. hahaha. 

Ahh...weekends, i have never had a peaceful weekend since i start studying. 
I have never had the opportunity to study or doing research paper during weekend, if i am not travelling to Malacca - N9 - Putrajaya to fetch my mil, i will be here and there fulfilling invitations- house warming, birthday parties, pot lucks, kenduri, and etc. 
Same goes to this weekend. scared as i have loads of upcoming deadlines to meet, sscaaarrriessst presentation in early June, and final exam end of June-the standard of answering is at a high level and i am still struggling to understand the basic of the subject i chose. *Dush!! pengsan.
I hope my angels will understand why i can't join them for a holiday get-away. 

Now...i-need-to-FOCUS-and-stop-blogging-but-START-doing-research paper!
Oh, by the way..Zara's already asleep on her coloring book. Haha..tido pun.

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