Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's MAY 2012!!!

*cobwebs everywhere..

It's spring cleaning time!
This blog was left unattended for almost a year, counting from my last entry on Mother's day 2011, and it's Mother's day again in 2012.

Poor blog.. My mistake, i've totally forgotten about this blog ever since my life became topsy turvy.
Well, i'm BAAAAAACKK!!!
I'm happy to be able to blog again;D

Happy Mother's Day to angel mommies and all mommies in the world.
Compared to year 2011, i think this year is the best Mother's Day so far...and i believed my two kids would agree (oh well, 95% in agreement), simply because their everyday wish became a reality.
Oh yes, Zara & Khaleef, mama is here every single second to torture both of u to eat your veges, pick up your toys and belongings after playing, make sure u brush your teeth day and night, strapped in the car seat every time we go out, eat healthily - that means less sweets more fruits and healthy food!!!
There were several times, Zara became furious when i refused to let her do her way or refused to tolerate her whims..she said "mama worklah, abah jaga kakak!".!
Lesson to be learned: next time kids, be careful of what u wish for. LOL.

That's it for now.
I'm brain freeze.
This is what u get if u don't blog for a year;p


lina gren said...

Yay!! Kayb is back;)

KbZb said...
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KbZb said...

:) hehe..hai lina!

elynn said...

i can smell peace in u. mak sangat jeles okey!

KbZb said...

Elynn: hahaha..peace tp war at home with the kids and books:P