Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Jungle Gym
Bangsar Shopping Centre

We went to Jungle Gym a few weeks before Zara reached 2 years old, because it's f.o.c for child below 2 years old!!! LOL..yeah such a cheapskate parents we are. Whatever, i love free stuff especially when per entry would costs RM22 (weekdays) or RM28 (Weekend).

We both took leave just to have fun with our beloved daughter. We played for about 2 hours non stop, which left us exhausted at the end of the day. Kaki macam nak patah and tangan as well due to carrying my heavyweight Khaleef. There were slides (we love the slides!), Trampoline, Ball Pools, Rope Walk, Air Guns, and many more. Your kids definitely will love it and truth is parents enjoyed it as well, because you have to accompany your kids especially kids below 2 years of age. In other words it means you can play for free too:)))))

Let the pictures below tell the rest of the story...


Ezany said...

wanna try that big slide as fun fun

KbZb said...

Ezany: MMg sgt Fun!! slide tu adalah sgt sgt best:>