Friday, April 1, 2011


Welcome Dear Airis:)

The 6th angel

Mama Pit & Auntie Shaq get busy helping you dress up for the first time.

Excited faces snapping pics with Airis. Auntie Shaq just can't get let you go.

P/S: Airis, be a good girl to your Ibu ok. She has gone through a lot for you.

Owh..on the same day I dragged Pit and Shaq along to visit Diana and her newbie, whom coincidentally were in the same building but different level. Pit and Shaq were more than happy to visit another baby eventhough we were famished and it was extra extra hot that day. This time around the lucky baby managed to get a pic with each one of us. LOL.

Welcome Nur Damia Ayris


Ezany said...

Two airis in the building yo!..
To Airis; welcome to the world bebeh.

KbZb said...

Ezany: tu la pasal..aku dgn pit lepas jumpe yat jumpe member aku and bile dia sebut nama ayris. aku cam hah??? airis = ayris. hahahhahaa. sama la pulak. Tp takpe dia panggil anak dia mia.