Monday, September 20, 2010

Raya Bug

How's ur 1st and 2nd week of raya? Mine were a bleak one. No family pic of us taken, bc zara's asleep when our photographer (my brother) got back fr kedai mamak for his roti canai di pagi raya! Well, i managed to snap a few pics of Zara and DH. But, i'm too lazy to upload those pics. Bile kerajinan tibe, i'll try to upload k.

We failed to attend several invitation for open houses and failed to visit most of our relatives. On the 1st and 2nd raya, zara is still recovering from flu n cough. We managed to cover 2 houses only. On the 3rd of raya, DH's down with flu, fever, sore throat, tonsilitis and cough till today. On the 5th of raya, i caught the bug as well suffering fr swollen uvula, flu, mild fever, a bit of coughing until today. THANK YOU sgt2 to those who kind heartedly invited us to ur open house. Sorry that we hv to reject it as we don't want u guys to catch the sick bug.

Eventho we are sick, we wouldn't want zara to miss her 2nd raya celebration, with a heavy heart we let our lil zara spent her hari raya collecting duit raya visiting close relatives with her grandparents, auntie and uncles. While, we were left at home to recover.

Don't u just hate it when u fell sick during ur holiday? kacau je kan. All u know u r back at work (like right now!) and still in a holiday mood. But, there were several times i dreamt of work...i.e listening to a complicated trial or listening to lawyers bickering with each other. Did i miss work that much?? * Shudders. It must've been the sick bug!

Anyway, i can't wait for the next salary!! cepat la...before i 'ter' use the money in the raya packets for the kids! kuikuikui.


Ezany said...

Asslamualaikum makcik kb!
Sebelum makcik ter'use, saya nak satu boleh?? *battling eye lashes

KbZb said...

Wkslm Makcik Ezany, kene dtg umah lah kalau nak;> muahahaha

KbZb said...

Jane: thanx, i'll definitely look out for the cough syrup.

elin said...

makcik kb...kalau dtg dapat ek...ok ok...nnt saya dtg..makcik kb sediakan duit raya untuk saya ek...

from ur beloved niece..elin... :p

KbZb said...

Elin: sejak bile ko jadik niece? ko adalah makcik elin juge. Kalau ko dtg ko yg kene kasik wit raya kat ur niece- zara. hahahaha.