Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Azizah...

1st: That's my boss name ( here in KL).

2nd: I banged into an old lady's gen 2. Scratched her bumper on the right side and rear bumper terkuar like 1cm. How did i banged into her? i'm having contractions and need to get home fast n jugak jalan tgh jam. Usually kereta akan rapat2 kan? But not this lady, this lady left a WIDE space between her and the car infront. It's good!! but not good in my condition yg tgh emergency and jugak when my car is in a menyerong position in the middle of the lane nk ke lane kanan with signals on and she budged an inch aje rupenyer??? so i banged into her and broke my headlights. Hahahahaha.'s my fault anyway, sape suh salah budget and tak alert that she will stop so suddenly. Anyway, the point is that lady's name is Azizah. I was like ok..u remind me of my office la lady.

3rd: Talk about sehati sejiwa kan, my other half banged into anor car as well, 2 days after my incident. However, it wasnt his fault it's the other guy who ran away but we managed to get his plate number after a series of chasing along the Putrajaya-LDP. So, off we went to a police station and met this sergeant lady. By the name of? Yes...Sjn Azizah!! uh?? that name again?

Oh my...what's going on here? However, all i can tell is...all of them have similar traits. Seriously!!! Eh....i'm not referring to bad traits (jgn salah sangka...nnt ade org slh interpret n report lak) but positive one la- Nmpk garang tp hati baik and ramah bagi nasihat.

P/S: Motive of this entry- duit raya mungkin akan berkurangan secara drastic atau paling horror, takde langsung!!!! sbb wit dah abis terbang fixing Mrs Azizah's car, my headlights, and soon to be fixed- DH's car. Perhaps u guys can contribute duit raya kat kitorg instead. hahaha. u go bad luck. We had enuff!


Anonymous said...

alamk, dia soh ko beli kete baru tu kb. 'kete raye'. ;p

KbZb said...

Grenlina: hahahahaha..keter raye, tak thn. berkilat2 dtg rayer umah ko nnt.

KbZb said...

Ezany: Dua2 tak baik, sbb duit mengalir keluar. Yg baik kalau tak baiki dua2. Duit stay and flows out ikut suke kite. hahahaha