Monday, August 16, 2010

3 rasa

Oleh kerana terliur dgn status FB Lina maka terhasillah the result below:

Ikan Siakap 3 Rasa

DH said "leh bukak kedai dah ni". Owh iye ke? kene cari tukang goreng ikan bole?


Fasting during the month of ramadhan while being pregnant is challenging. For someone who's a lazy bum, having to wake up at 5am for sahur is a BIG achievement. I spent fr 5am till azan subh stuffing my face with rice, bread, milk, plain water, kurma and vitamins. However, the hunger pang starts to set in at 10am, n bun #2 will be kicking vigorously perhaps asking for nourishment? or maybe the sound of my growling stomach wakes bun #2 from his/her peaceful slumber. I can tahan the hunger n thirst but up to 5pm i'm flat already...but due to this weird cravings for my own cooking that i hv...tah hape2 kan? particularly this month of ramadhan, i hv to cook..even a simple omelet with onions and chillis cud take about half an hour bc i'll be spending 5 mins chopping onions, 5 mins relaxing on the couch and so on until i finished cooking. By 730pm whole body is shaking with hunger. I'm not complaining, i just found it very challenging and i'm impressed with pregnant mommies who are able to complete 30 days of fasting without a hitch.

Day 6 of fasting, alhamdullilah up to this day there was no contraction attack at all. Amazing!! Eventho i skipped taking pills there was no contraction. Thanks to uterus and bun #2 for being so cooperative and good to me. I hope this will lasts until the 30th day and so on.


An entry is not perfect without mentioning my notty lil zara. At 1 yr and 5 months, she's been a handful lil girl even during sleeping time..giler lasak!! boleh tido 360 degree, tibe2 je kaki dia leh sedap2 landing on my face la, on DH stomach la, belum masuk cerita lain lagi...kejap lagi we found her giggling on top of the dark staircase looking down at our panic faces, or there was this one time when i was about to doze off she poured a plain water fr her seeping cup on our bed. Ok, it's my fault anyway, letting her drink in bed. Hahaha. Owh, yes, some of u might be thinking zara tido lasak and kaki naik muka?? Yes, we co-sleep with our dotter bc we find it comfortable and happy to do so, the feeling of hugging ur dotter to sleep is priceless. I've tried several times letting her sleep on her own inside the cot, but the problem is ME, i can't sleep peacefully because i'll be waking up several times at nite checking on her. Motherly habis la konon *perasan mode. Actually, i feel she's safe sleeping close to us. But, sooner or later she will be sleeping on her own bed anyway.

Zara's mile stone at 1 yr and 5 months:

  • She owned her full set of milk/baby teeth since 1 yr old. I love looking at her tiny baby canines and baby molars when she smiles....comel je.
  • Her vocabs: "kuar" "mamam" "banana" "mama" "abah" "air" "ten".....err that's it. Hahahaha x byk lagi...but she understands what we said and cud understand our instructions.
  • She can run and knows how to jump on the bed!! mane belajar tatau..i guess she just found out the bed is springy.
  • She loves to dance to any groovy beats...including the sounds of bolt n thunder, blending machine, batu tumbuk (her fave), and even the sound of rain falling on the roof!!! I wonder where did she get such keen ears for music?
  • She's an observer, and has a strong determination. If she wants something she'll try to get it eventho it will took her some time. She's been aiming my grandmother small square radio since last week. However my grandmother been hiding it from her every now n then switching places of hiding. Yday she finally got the chance to enter my grandmother's room when no one is around and guess what? She took my grandmother's square radio from the hiding place which was.. ok, senang je pun under the pillow n barter trade it with her abc123 sound palm top which she placed nicely under my grandmother's pillow. (That girl!! nk marah pun tak bleh...sbb pandai buat sistem barter trade lak.)
Actually kalau nk cerita about zara, mmg byk sgt. Tp enuffla for the mean time. I just hope bun #2 wud love lil zara and lil zara cud accept n love her lil bro/sis without throwing tantrums.


elin said...

hahaha..ko msk kb???nk!!!!zara sgt comel..i love the sistem barter part...aaawwww

KbZb said...

ELin: Iye aku masak...hehe. Leh2 ko kene cari ikan siakap yg besar la tp. hehehehe. Haish...tu lah makin lama makin comel, rase cam nk stopkan masa enjoying her growth.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wah, lehla aku gi makan free kat kedai siakap 3 rase ko ye kb. nyum2x... aku pon sengih sorang2 bc psl zara wat sistem barter tu.. so cute okay!

KbZb said...

Lina: aku nk mkn ikan siakap ko! hahahaha..

Ezany said...

Yeay,tambah lagi menu datang rumah ko..Yess Yess!!

KbZb said...

Ezany: Ceh, Aku rase ko je ezan x pernah dtg umah aku kan? hehe umah ko pun aku tak pernah dtg..sbb jauh. hahaha

Ezany said...

Aku dah penah datang la rumah ko, masa tu Hana dgn Itik pn datang..Kalau ko ingat la..hahahaha

Y- A-T-T said...

errr... BANANA?

KbZb said...

Ezan: aku lupe la..hehe..ade ek? 2-3 hari aku cube ingat lik. memory terdelete kot.

Yat: hahahaha! hahaha..of all fruits.

Twiggy said...

omg she is so pandai