Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Overdue Entry

Wedding of an Angel

I dragged my loving DH and sick doter all the way from KJ-Segamat.
At first i decided not to go but then i felt guilty thinking it's a one in a lifetime event and it's the event that i've been waiting for - dah tgk pics baju reception via email jadi, mestilah kene tgk baju in action. Naahh!!! i'm kidding, actually it's one of my angel's wedding!! We've missed Ezany's (1st day of pregnancy positive maka telah panic and terus jumpe doctor) and Yanti's (DH is soo busy with his work and working during weekends) however we made it to Dam's wedding (in KL tho not in Ipoh). I can't forgive myself for missing anor angel's wedding. Yatt & Pitt- we spent lots of time together bc we were studying the same course, in the same class, skipping class together back in the main campus and to top it all Yatt's one of the angels who has nv fail to turn up whether i'm hospitalized ke, bersalin ke, birthday parties ke . So, i just need to be there!

Here's a pic, credit to Yatt's photographer. In a hurry we left our camera in the car - we were the last guests of the reception VERY THE VERY VERY IMPORTANT PERSON la konon. Tak senonoh betul kan. huhu.

On our way back...
Zara was cranky and needed a fresh air. We decided to stop by at this one particular place, back to our very 1st looonng winding, adventurous path but this time with our lil ones- One holding our hands and anor in the tummy;> Can u guess where it is?

Lil Zara n her puffy face (huhu..poor doter)

Angels, u girls remember this path?

Perhaps u will when u see this river...err perhaps stones? river cam tak nmpk je..

Still walking deep into the woods

Some of u might hv guessed it anyway the place that strengthen our friendship and ehem..relationship too;>

We actually wanted to go further up to the beautiful waterfall. But with Zara's condition and it was already 6:30pm by the way, plus with me being pregnant so happy yappy in the woods. So, we walked halfway introducing Zara to the refreshing cold river, the fresh air and smell of woods and then headed back to the car.


elin said...

hahaha...x pyh ckp pun dh tau kt mane...hahahaah

KbZb said...

elin: hehehe..otw da kan? Hahaha. X singgah mmgla.

Ezany said...

lainkali boleh buat reunion kat situ..since its so memorable..;)

KbZb said...

Setuju!! tp nk naik samapi waterfall yg cantik itu!

Ezany said...

woot..look whos talking..hahaha..kalau datang sini, kena bwk iman yusuf mandi manda..ngan aku aku skali..hahahaha

Y A T T said...

walking down the memory lane! Yer lah, time kiter hiking dulu, zainol pun ikut kan? hehe... yup yup I remember! Ingat tak air sungai menjadi MERAH?? huahuahuahua

aku paling ingat, zainol susah payah amek wuduk, pastu bila dia dah naik, aku sengaja cuit tangan dia, dan dia kena turun semula ke sungai amek wuduk. hahaha.

those were the days!

thanks for coming, babe! really appreciate!

KbZb said...

Yatt: hahahahaha. those were the days. Welcome..mesti dtg ape jadik pun.