Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hospitalized for 4 days / 3 nites

It's gonna be a long entry..

What transpired behind this door? This is how isolation room looks like in a hospital (at least at Columbia Asia Hosp). This room has 2 doors, this is the the second door.

Zara excited jumpe laci, time ni belum kene drip lagi.

Zara kene drip cuz she refused to eat or drink due to ulcers.

The next day, we switched into a anor room with a wide window bc we can't stand the isolation room it's stuffy with no windows. See again what transpired behind closed doors:

We blocked the door with chairs and tables bc zara wanted to go out, we were afraid if someone barged in and she's behind the door..sure jatuh.

Her level of naughtiness and activeness is still the same, sakit ke x sakit. But, it's heartwrenching seeing ur daughter scared and cried in pain especially during the insertion of catheter into her wrists sampai menggigil her small body maybe sebab takut sgt. But, i don't feel like knocking the doctor's head bc i'm the culprit who consented to her admission. It's for her own good, she got ulcers (lots of them - on her lips, gums, soft palate, hard palate, even on her tongue!!!! bleeds and she refused to eat or drink and her saliva keeps on drooling that we hv to put on a fresh new bib every half an hour). 2nd nite in the hosp she put tears to my eyes when she called out 'mama' several times in her sleep..perhaps she's having nitemares of nurses feeding her with meds.

I remembered ezany complaint that 'budak2 senang sakitkan?' so true...i felt like a bad mommy dragging my lil one to a long journey eventho she's sick. That's gonna be the 1st n last time i'd took such a worthy risk.

We spent 3 nites and 4 days in the hosp. We shd stay longer for a full 6 days. However, on the 4th day we hd to get her out from the hosp because she's having nitemares and cried aloud whenever she saw nurses coming in to give her meds (ubat tak sedap kot). By the way, the catheter pun dah tercabut dari tgn sbb lasak sgt on the 3rd day. I can't stand seeing her in pain kene cucuk anor catheter on her left hand pulak. So, we asked the doctor to be discharged and monitored Zara fr home. Thankfully, she's not difficult when taking her meds at home. We made the right decision..i guess she hates hospital.

She's recovering now. Alhamdulillah. Eh dah pjg2 i forgot to tell about the diagnosis. She's diagnosed with mononucleosis or the layman term "kissing disease". WTH la kan? ade such a disease..contagious and jahat la this virus, kesian ok when the ulcer bleeds. I dunno who gave her that virus, but this is the info on mononucleosis.

Infectious mononucleosis — also known as mono, or the "kissing disease," because it's transmitted through saliva — is most often seen in teenagers and young adults. However, it's possible for a young child to catch mono — for example, from a sibling's cup or spoon, another child's toy, or a smooch from an affectionate relative who has the virus.
The symptoms of mono usually don't appear until four to six weeks after exposure. If your toddler does have mono, his symptoms are probably similar to those of a cold or the flu and may include:
• sore throat
• swollen glands (in the neck and possibly the groin and armpits)
• fever
• skin rash
When older children have mono, their symptoms often include feeling tired and weak and they may have a headache, loss of appetite, and a swollen spleen.
The "advantage" to getting mono at a young age is that the younger the child, the less severe the symptoms are likely to be. In fact, infants and young children who are infected usually have mild symptoms — or no symptoms at all.

What causes mono?

The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) causes most cases of mono, though other viruses can cause it, too. Most adults have been exposed to EBV by the time they're 35. Once you've been exposed, your body develops immunity to the virus and you won't get mono again.
Your toddler could have picked up mono by putting toys in his mouth that an infected child has mouthed, by sharing utensils with someone infected with the virus, or even just by being in the path of an infected person's cough or sneeze.

How will the doctor diagnose and treat mono?

Unless the doctor knows that your toddler's been exposed to the virus, she probably won't test him for it. A number of other viral illnesses are more likely to be causing his symptoms. And the blood test used to diagnose mono quickly isn't very accurate for young children.

Because viruses don't respond to antibiotics, no treatment exists for mononucleosis other than the measures you'd use for treating a cold: rest, lots of fluids, and fever-reducing medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Gambar latest zara lepas dah sihat..

my lil munkee ikut sape tah


Anonymous said...

memang taktahan kan tgk baby kena cucuk... rase nak pelempang je doctor tu *kesian sape jadi doktor* kahkahkah!

KbZb said...

Grenlina: hahaha

Ezany said...
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Ezany said...

Masa zara masuk almari tu dah tak pakai IV eh..
Iman Yusuf pakai Iv tu sampai bengkak tangan dia, sebab asyik gerak and aliran tu pegi arah tak betul dan menyebabkan tangan dia bengkak..haizz

Anonymous said...

Sian nyer Zara.... tp sgt2 comel...hehe

KbZb said...

Masa time tu pakai IV dah. Tp dah tak masuk saline tu, sbb dia dah nk minum on 2nd day. Cuma tinggal utk masukkan ubat je. Tgn dia tak bengkak, cume drh kuar je sbb lasak sgt. hahahaha

KbZb said...

Yanti: sgt comel & naughty tp tak terkejar n tak terlarang dah. Asal dia happy n tak nangis dlm hospital. hehehe

elin said... sgt comel ok msk duduk dlm almari n panjat grill...omg perangai sape tuh kb...hehehe...tell her that she need to recover faster coz buffday abg aqeel is around the corner...n she dnt want to miss it..hehehe..

KbZb said...

Elin: hahaha..ikut perangai abah dia kot. huahaha. Mak dia kan comel sopan santun gitu.