Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three. ~Grantly Dick

The first item i bought as a preparation for my baby is actually a breastpump. Some ppl said-beli later, takut susu takde. Some ppl said-why not buy it? mane tau if u delivered soon-preemie lak tu, u need a breast pump to express milk for ur preemie baby. Some ppl said-beli je la kalau nak beli. Some ppl lak kasik questioning look- nape nk beli breastpump?

No matter what ppl said, i said: Go grab it if the price is on discount! hehe. I bought Avent ISIS IQ UNO as my first item bc it's on discount at BBstore during that time [P/s: Sekarang lom start discount lagi, tp baby stuff kat Singapore murah2].


Easy to use
Easy to assemble/reassemble
Did not hurt (Ini paling penting)

The petal massager-menyebabkan susu tsekat/tselit (i dunno the correct word) sikit. (But, i love the massager-i get better results with the soft shield)
Not 200% air tight, bile t'baringkan bottle+pump da tumpah susu (terbaring=letak atas tilam sbb baby nangis and pump+bottlenyer tergolek tepi bantal)

I'm loving it! Tho i know, out there..ade byk reviews about breastpump: the fantastic Medela/ the magical Spectra. But, as a beginner i'm pleased with Avent Isis (battery/electric/manual). Currently, i'm using electric. Manual pernah try..tp malas..ngehehe. Electric lagi cepat;>

Mommies to be, rest assured that if u plan to buy an Avent ISIS IQ Uno..serious berbaloi.

P/s: The more Oz. u managed to express, the more obsessed u'll be with pumping.


elin said...

haha..aper la ko nie kb..ko obsessed ngan bende tuh..hehe

KbZb said...

U will too, when the time comes;>

pitt said...

got ur meaning....
tho in my case never able to pump out much...rarely ade excess....

KbZb said...

Pit: Aqeel minum dgn semangatnyer. Really drained out the milk. Zara ni mcm princess minum perlahan2, by that time da bengkak.

Ezany said...

Aku baru beli botol susu, belum beli breast pump lagik..
thanks for the suggestion, aku akan beli kat SG. together with Maclaren stroller. Hope leh have cheaper price..
**Aku skrg hari2x doa leh breastfeed my lil MM later.Amin

KbZb said...

Ezany: Niat da ade sure u can.Org tua2 kata yg penting ade niat. (org tua kata lg)

pitt said...

nxt week 22-27 apr ada mph warehouse sale...

KbZb said...

I know where its at!!! NEar to my house jugak. Nk pegi!!