Friday, June 1, 2012


Guess where am i on Friday evening and during semester break? 
Yes!!! u r right at campus "dihatiku". LOL
I have a class tonite.
I purposely came early, with a purest, sincerest intention THAT is : 
I wanna go to the library and borrow a book.

See..niat baik kan?
If u guys knew me back then in Uni years during degree, i'm not famous in their library.
I went there by force due to group discussion.
God, i dont even know how to borrow a book and i have never borrowed one during that 4 ke 5 years eh? 
But ppl change, now i'm proud to say i know how to borrow a book using a computerized system. 
All u have to do is just flash the code at the machine and the book is on your borrowed list, then a receipt of your borrowed list will come out. *saya sgt suke* *mmg jakun* LOL

But, niat baik ini crushed infront of the library door.
WHY? yes...u r right again, a big sign 'TUTUP' was hanged.
Awwwhhh, i forgot it's semester break...library pun ikut cuti sama la? Grrr...

So, here i am inside the car blogging my heart out.
Ok..gotta get out from the car, class will resume any minute now.

P/s: Have fun girls at PD!


Binaan Ideabina said...

Good luck kb. Well send some wave love.. Hehehe

elynn said...

KB...UIA pun gune barcode giteww gok..bukan UITM jer...naper dulu KB tak selok pinjam buku ekkk?

KbZb said...

Elynn: Dulu uia lecturer ajar phm, x yah pinjam buku kt library. Haha. We hv the best lecturers in uia indeed.

KbZb said...

Ezany: Ye sygku..i know:) how's the trip?