Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Currently, a mission to shop for zara's party failed.
Why? bc i hv to work during weekend. Today is a working day, next Sunday is also a working day.
I'm left with just tomorrow (Sunday) and next Saturday to shop.

While i'm mom smsed me, zara knocked on my bedroom door while calling 'mama'..'mama'. * wonder i don't feel like eating during teatime.

Last edited : 13th March 2010

Updated again: Today

Still shopping mission failed miserably. thehehe. But no worries, the party will still go on.
I'll try my best to shop this saturday.
Anyway, before i forgot:

Date: 27th of March 2010
Location: Parents home
Theme: Pink and White [u can where either pink or white or both colors]
Time: 3pm-6pm


Mrs Jaja said...

jemput aku tak? hehehe...

KbZb said...

hahaha..nk dtg pun boleh;>

elin said... + white ek...herm...bkn kenduri doa selamat kan???so no need to wear baju kurung????hehe...

KbZb said...

Elin: bukan kenduri doa selamat. u r free to wear selain bj kurung;>>>