Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommie's Day!

I'm blogging fr my mobile phone, in the car while waiting 4 DH. Coolnye SE ni..leh la tukar Blackberry pasni (hint hint;) to DH). My confinement ended last Friday. I celebrated it with 3 gulps of chilled coke (I hate gassy drinks..but i'm tempted). Anyway, to all super mommies out there (esp: my mom, mil & aqeel's mom) & mommies to be (esp: ezany & twiggy) HAPPY MOMMIE'S DAY. I'm truly amazed with my mom more than ever. Now i know, it's tough being a mommy. Well, I'm still learning + enjoying every moment of it:)


Twiggy said...

happy mommie's day to you too kb!!!! you and zara look absolutely precious!!

KbZb said...