Thursday, February 12, 2009

Below adalah checklist wc i found relevant & my checklist is almost complete EXCEPT on few things wc i didnt comment on. *hint!! hint!! ;>

I start buying baby stuff gradually fr 6months onwards...


Bottle Feeding

  • Steriliser - Avent: a gift fr Aqeel's Mom
  • Feeding Bottles & Teats - 5: free gifts Avent + Dr Brown bottles & 4 Avent teats. (U can buy the bottle set later2, if u plan to breastfeed)
  • Bottle Brush - U can buy it early or later pun takpe i think. Edited: Mama bought these already
  • Pacifier & Pacifier Attacher - after lil one is delivered
  • Pacifier Holder - after lil one is delivered
  • Bottles Drying Racks - later when Lil one decided to unlatch or i unlatch the lil one ke..vice versa.
  • Formula Milk Dispenser - 1 Free gift


  • Breast Pump - Avent Isis IQ Uno
  • Breast Milk Storage Container - later
  • Bottle & Food Warmer - later
  • Breast Pad - soon i'll buy the washable one as suggested by Aqeel's mom. I hv 2 disposable breast pad- free gifts. Edited: I wanted to buy the washable one, but my mom insists on the disposable one (bile dah basah takde masanyer nk g cuci and ganti, baik beli disposable - she claimed). i bought a box of disposable one.
  • Nursing Pillow - Bumblebee. I bought this...can't help it supaya sama dgn bedsheet playpen
  • Nipple Cream - EMAB (i love EMAB products-seriously berbaloi eventho a small jar costs me RM29.90)


  • Baby Cot / Playpen - We bought Pack & Play Graco
  • Crib Set (Cot Bumpers, Fitted Sheet, Comforter) - I used playpen, so i dont think these are necessary except the Fitted Sheet.
  • Newborn Pillow & Bolster - MIL decided to handmade these for us.
  • Mattress (Latex/Foam) - Bumblebee Latex
  • Waterproof Bed Pads - Bumblebee
  • Blanket - Thermal Blanket, Bumblebee & Pink Blankie, Growing up
  • Night Light - provided by Pack & Play Graco
  • Lullaby Player - provided by Pack & Play Graco
  • Baby Monitor - I hv my mom & dad to monitor our lil one round the clock. hahaha


  • Bodysuits/Rompers/Onesies, Long Sleeve, Long pants - I hv 15 pieces all sorts of colors except PINK...& hv stop buying eversince (sbnrnyer..more like resisting myself fr buying those cute apparels especially pink & purple color). Baby is growing remember? u dont need much newborn apparels. I bought 4 newborn rompers (really tiny...i wonder if the lil one cud fit in) and the rest is either 0-3M or 3-6M. Edited: telah terbeli lagi 5 nb apparels for girls yg sgt comel2.
  • Infant Cap - 3
  • Mittens and Booties - 7 pairs Edited: White baby shoes with lace [*too cute can't resist]
  • Receiving Blankets/Hooded Blankets - 3 (...and i'm resisting from buying 5 pieces PINK colored receiving blankets...huhu..i want..i want...sgt cute) Edited: +2 Pinkie blankie
  • Swaddle - 1 : bought out of curiosity, can it really hold the baby in place?
  • Socks - later
  • Accessories (Headbands, Wrist & Foot Rattles) - later
  • Bibs - 3 Cute bibs fr Mothercare
  • Barut - 3 Edited: +1 DH bought it senyap2 (he said 3 helai x cukup).

Bathing & Grooming

  • Bath Tub with Hammock - I'm not planning to get this, but i just put it in the list. hehe. Edited: Juga terbeli bath tub with hammock, The First years di Sogo..krn murah!!
  • Wash Cloths - Edited: 12 pieces
  • Bath Towels - 2. Edited: As suggested by Aqeel's mom, i bought anor 2 towels for rm9.90 (Anakku)
  • Bath Foam + Shampoo - Edited: I hv 2 strawberry yogurt shampoo free gifts (Pureen) and bath foams.
  • Minyak Yuyi -Edited: small one
  • Bepanthen / EMAB Baby Bottom balm for rashes - i bought both & i used EMAB for my rashes & bug bites.
  • Cotton Bud - Lil one can share it with her daddy's. Am sure daddy wudn't mind. Edit Edited: Dah beli very very very tiny..comelnyer NB has its own cotton bud-by Aqeel's Mom
  • Gripe Water

Health Care & Hygiene & Diapering

  • Grooming Set (Comb, Nail Clipper, Scissors) Edited: First years product
  • Medicine Set (Medicine Dropper, Medicine Syringe) - later
  • Nasal Aspirator -Edited: Pigeon
  • Oral Care Kit
  • Thermometer - can she use mine? i hv 3 digital thermometers. Mcm clinic lak.
  • Fabric nappy - MIL bought 3 packs for lil one
  • Disposable Diapers - But, I planned to use these. Edited: Mama dah belikan;>
  • Diaper Wipes - 4 packs - Anakku (Elok ke?)
  • Safety Pin - Courtesy fr MIL
  • Nappy Liner - Edited: Anakku Rm15.90 for 200 pieces. i considered it as cheap (super value)!!
  • Changing mat - 1 fr Anakku sbb colourful & Noel seems to love it so i assume my lil one wud love it too.
  • Baby Detergent - Edited: Dah beli jugak!!


  • Stroller / Travel System - Maclaren (green): A gift fr my Mom. But...actually, i want the Chicco stroller in Red/Blue or Peg Perego Pliko P3 in Red (gatal, as if i'm the one who''ll be using it)
  • Infant Car Seat - Edited: Paling gembire dan puas hati sbb dpt beli Graco with base:)
  • Baby Sling
  • Diapers Bag- Edited: Simple Dimple-light yellow
  • Fold & Go Changing Mat - 1 Free gift
  • Infant Head Support - Bumblebee
  • Cooler Bags & Ice Pack
  • On the Go Bottle Warmer - u can choose to buy it or u can just use hot water straight fr the flask
  • Portable Baby Bed - DH is planning to buy this...and i said what for? mcm bazir je...the baby will outgrow it. Hmm...but the co sleeper seems cute gak.
  • Toys

Confinement (Mommy)

  • Jamu - I'm allergic to jamu, so i'll be using products by DCL. Kite tgk keberkesanannye later ok. I'll do a review on it nnt.
  • Socks - Byk socks kat rumah, can cilok DH socks also.
  • Bengkung - I hv this..but i hv to dig for it. Bought it after my op.
  • Pad - Edited: 1 pax (Last time Pantai dpt 1 pax, adakah akan dapat di Pusrawi?]
  • Makcik urut - MIL & My Mom each found their own tukang urut for me - choices..choices.

Hospital Checklist (Mommy & Baby)

  • Edited: MY ANGELS
  • Buttoned Blouses / Dresses
  • Socks
  • Kain Batik
  • Panties
  • Blanket
  • Bra
  • Towel
  • Pad
  • Face Towel
  • Disposable Baby Diapers
  • Bathing & Grooming kit
  • Plastic Bag
  • Minyak angin
  • Baby apparels
  • Baby wipes
  • Air zam zam
  • Kurma

P/s: Ade ape2 ke lagi yg not included in my checklist?


Y- A-T-T said...

Yes. U left one most important thing in your hospital checklist.

Your Guardian Angels!!


Anonymous said...

yup..tul tuh..y ur guardian angels not in ur list??????allo..put reminder in ur hp k..once ko rase nk bersalin..cepat2 gv us a call...x pun..ko suh DH call..WAJIB!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

need to comment on some things:
1. cotton bud - sila beli yg lain ye..newborn's cotton bud is small (ergo the small ear etc) tak leh pakai yg adults nyer...
2. u'll need more than 2 bath towels...pls be informed that newborn poo n wee a lot...n akan poo or wee or both on the towel sblm sempat nak pakaikan pampers
3. u'll need a lot of face towels (small soft towel) utk lap mulut pas minum susu n utk lap every other things... (mind the ruam susu esp kalau susu ibu-kena klap mulut baby ngn air stp kali pas menyusu)

ok..dats about it.. yg boleh dipikirkan skrg...

n of course... ur angelz...
pls do inform v v early k...
n where....

start packing now...

huhu ;>

Anonymous said...

Sandy: Hehehe...Sorry2. A must hv on the list kan? lupe letak sbb fikir korg mmg dah wajib ade.

Elin: Aku akan draft dr skang sms & save kan dia kat nama2 korg, nnt leh terus send kan? Tp pit ade in the same building - dia pun leh info nnt kan? pit kan? hehe

Pit: Ooo..tak sama ek? hahaha..takleh la dia share zainol nyer. Aku lom beli face towel lagi, nnt aku beli byk. Towel kene ade byk??? yay...then, i'll get the pink and purple's one. hahaha

Y- A-T-T said...

Ezan mesti cemburukan kiter, kan kawan-kawan..??


Ezany said...

Adakah aku patut masukkan korang dalam list aku atau tidak??-ayat ugut!

Y- A-T-T said...

oi! oi! main ganas!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! Oo..tanak masukkan ek?? Ugut ek? Nnt anak ko takde kawan2 yg best (refer pd Aqeel & soon be joining ...olololo daughter) Hehehehe...

Ezany said...

kb, anak ko kena buli laa..hahahahaha..
*aku yang masih berharap dapat baby boy.

Anonymous said...

haha..ezan brani ko blaclist kiteorg....

kalau ezan pun baby means baby kb will have 2 bf's..haha

Anonymous said...

Elin: ataupun dua bodyguard / bonzer gitu. hahahaha